Erasmus+ KA1 for Youth Workers – Multisensory Learning and Occupational Path

Our organisation is a partner in an Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for youth workers “Multisensory Learning and Occupational Path”. The project has the reference number 2016-1- RO01-KA105-024218 and was financed by European Commission.


The other partners are from 14 countries, Programme Countries as well as Partner Countries:

  • AR Vocational and Investment Solutions – ARVIS, the applicant organisation (Romania),
  • UNIque Junior Enterprise (Albania), Modern Youth Public Union (Azerbaijan),
  • The Starry Start of Talents Foundation (Bulgaria),
  • Georgian Youth Development Association (Georgia),
  • Youth Center of Epirus (Greece),
  • Associazione Eurobox (Italy),
  • Unique projects (Lithuania),
  • Youth of Europe (Poland),
  • Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental (Portugal),
  • Colegiul National “Petru Rares” Suceava (Romania),
  • Liceul „Moldova” (Romania), SYTEV (Slovakia),
  • L’Association Euro-Méditerranéenne des Echanges, Volontariats, Evènements (Tunis),
  • ULUDAG Universitesi (Turkey)
  • European Learning Network Ltd (United Kingdom)

The main activity of the project consisted in a training course which was developed between the 10th and the 20 th of October 2016.

The course offered the participants the possibility to get a deeper knowledge upon multisensory learning strategies and use this knowledge for supporting the youths in choosing the best career.


The methods were those specific to non-formal education: workshops, open space, simulations etc.


We expect this project to have a great impact upon our organization, our partnersț organisations and our local communities.