Progetto SVE in Kosovo: ACT – Active Citizen of Tomorrow

Progetto SVE in Kosovo: ACT – Active Citizen of Tomorrow

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Il Servizio Volontario Europeo, dentro la strategia Erasmus + della Commissione Europea, ha fatto 20 anni nel 2016. Da 1996, circa 100.000 giovani europei sono partiti verso un altro paese europeo per una esperienza che può durare da 2 settimane a 12 mesi, un’esperienza non solo a livello personale, anche a livello formativo e lavorativo.

In questo caso, l’Associazione Eurobox organizzerà insieme alla Associazione Toka il progetto SVE “ACT – Active Citizen of Tomorrow”, che avrà luogo a Pristina (Kosovo), dal 15 giugno al 15 dicembre di 2017.


Objectives of the ACT – Active Citizen of  Tomorrow

Our main objective is to promote in young people and communities the importance of young participation and sense of initiatives, in order to enhance International solidarity and provide opportunities to share the value of active citizenship through sense of initiative of young people and motivate them to play an active role in their community.

The project will foster the promotion of the European values among young people and their related communities through the active involvement of the EVS volunteers in order to strengthen cross-cultural cooperation between young people from Italy and Kosovo and help them discover common values that they share.

Active Citizen of Tomorrow will enhance intercultural exchange of ideas,points of view and potential interventions as a means of understanding and cooperation between communities. The project also will raise awareness about the importance of volunteering as moment of self-improvement and empowerment, presenting the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ and specially EVS for young people which have less chances to move abroad.

About Toka organization

TOKA is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 with the mission to improve Kosovar society, by providing educational and volunteering experiences that shape young people into agents of positive social change. TOKA provides active and participative programs for young people, which has resulted in:

• High participant re-applications – >50% of participants from one program have applied for another TOKA program.

• High motivation for volunteering – >50% of participants have offered to volunteer for TOKA, or partner non-profit organizations.

We offer programs with diverse content, based on the assumption that people are different and have different interests. However, each program has common themes of personal development based on values and critical thinking, development of professional skills and commitment to serving the community.